2018 Feb 23 … Future NHL prospect?

Matthew played a whole season of hockey this winter … but I don’t think he is going to be scouted just yet! Here are the highlights of his season …


His favourite time of every practice was when the zamboni came out to clean up the ice.

On more than one occasion he was seen lying down in a corner of the ice making snow angels.

When the coaches broke the kids into teams and they had a game of 3 on 3, he preferred to sit behind the net and push his stick through the net to see if he could stop the potential goals that way.

When Nana and Papa came to watch, the entire team had to stop what they were doing and wave to Matthew’s Nana and Papa in the stands.

At the halfway point of the season, he finally learned how to drink out of his water bottle with his helmet on!

He used his hockey stick to help him skate; when it came time to shoot the puck, he couldn’t grasp the concept of how to use his stick without falling down!

Oh well, there’s always next year … at least he’s oh so cute!!



2018 Feb 21 … The trim is going up …

Finishing of the interior of the house is finally happening …

Kitchen Window … Check


Master Bedroom … Check



Guest Bedroom … Check


Den and Laundry Room … Check


And this … well … behind this door is a SURPRISE! Stay tuned …